Seniors May Get These Things for Free

Seniors May Get These Things for Free

Saving money is very important especially now that people tend to live longer after retirement. The more we’ll love to enjoy all that life offers, the more money we’ll spend. Therefore, it is important that you save some money to take you through the long journey of retirement. There are some products and service that senior citizens can get for free or at a very good deal or discount which will make you save money for other things. These products and services include:

1.  Tax Counseling

Tax Counseling for the Elderly or TCE have been on the routine to offer free tax advice to the Senior citizens and have assisted them in preparing their tax documents. Most of the members of this group are seniors, therefore, you do not have a big deal of getting in tune with them.

2. Hearing aids

In some states, the cost of hearing aids is covered by Medicaid while other agencies like Rotary club and Lions Club International will assist you in obtaining a new hearing aid. If you are a US Veteran and 50% of the cause of your hearing loss is attributed to your service in the Armed Forces, the Veteran Administration will get you a new hearing aid free of charge.

3. Transportation

This service depends mostly on your state of residence. The state of San Francisco offers free transportation on the Muni to low-income seniors and the physically challenged individuals.

4. Food

The Federal government under the CSFP deliver healthy meals to the homes of seniors on monthly basis. Low-income seniors that qualify for the scheme can save some cash while enjoying this free or subsidized meals.

5. Beverages

Most restaurants offer free drinks to seniors who had bought at least one plate of the meal with them.

6. Cell Phone Service

The amount spent on the telephone tend to increase each day. Most states offer low-income seniors subsidized call rates through a plan called Lifeline. If you are under some government-funded program with an income that is below the poverty line, you will receive a discounted cell service of 100%. This service is often offered by Safelink Wireless in conjunction with the lifeline program.

7. Health Insurance Advise

Under the Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), you can obtain free health insurance advise that will provide you with the necessary information to access your complete healthcare benefits; especially the beneficiaries of Medicare. You will receive insights on the options that are available on the plan and other questions that bother on your legal rights as a beneficiary of Medicare Program such as a medicare advantage plan located at